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Unfiltered Cards is our boldest and most audacious greeting card line yet. Building on the legacy of humor from 'Smart Alex,' we're pushing the boundaries even further. 'Unfiltered Cards' is where we unapologetically celebrate the raunchy, the explicit, and the downright naughty side of life.

With a fearless spirit and a touch of irreverence, we bring you a collection that's as daring as it is hilarious. From cheeky innuendos to straight-up no-holds-barred humor, our 'Unfiltered Cards' are designed to make you blush, laugh, and maybe even gasp.

But it's not just about shock value – it's about embracing the unfiltered moments in life, where laughter is the best medicine. Whether you're celebrating a wild night out, a cheeky anniversary, or simply sending a message that can't be tamed, 'Unfiltered Cards' has got you covered.

So, dare to be bold, break free from the ordinary, and join us in the world of 'Unfiltered Cards.' It's time to let your inner rebel out to play and share a laugh that's a little, well, unfiltered.

Unfiltered Cards 90 Day Advantage Program

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