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Great products from Shade Tree with no risk to you!

We know your customers will love them!



  • Order any of the displays that Shade Tree Greetings currently offers filled with product.

  • The display fixture is FREE! Fixture shipping cost varies with the display and payment options chosen.



  • Sell through needs to meet your expectations during the 90 day period.

  • A sales representative will follow-up to conduct an inventory and place re-orders (if necessary) during the test period. Any re-orders will be billed at normal terms, and do not effect your option to return the product prior to the end of the 90 day period.



  • See order form for payment options. (Download one HERE)

  • If you decide that our products aren’t selling well enough, contact Shade Tree Greetings prior to the 90 days and return the unsold items. We will charge you only for what has sold.

Participation in program subject to credit approval by Shade Tree Greetings.

For more information, contact Customer Service at

1-800-836-4206 x221.

Not a Shade Tree Greetings Retailer YET?

Now you can try Shade Tree products in your store

for 90 days with NO RISK to you!

We believe so strongly in our products that we are offering you a 90 day no-risk test period! Let us earn your business. If you aren’t selling our products to your liking during the 90 day period, you simply return the unsold items and pay only for what sold. It’s that simple.

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